Despite the beauty and beauty of dogs and the love of many of them and their desire to raise them and provide all necessary needs, but there is something that may be troublesome to many, the smells of dogs nagging and flattering.

The smell of dogs may be temporary and may occur from time to time, and may be permanent depending on the cause and source, in any case, the smell of dogs must be dealt with seriously and quickly as some of them have serious reasons.

In this topic, we offer you 5 reasons to cause the smell of bad and annoying dogs that may indicate that your dog has diseases or health problems that need rapid intervention.

In general, the unpleasant smell of the dog may be due to lack of bathing, food routines or the anus, and may also occur due to ear and ear problems that occur in dogs.

Therefore, always advise you to check your dog for any health problems, and never hesitate to go to the nearest veterinarian to make sure he is doing his best to get the best care in your home.

Things cause odors of annoying dogs
1 - Skin problems that cause the smell of bad dogs
If you notice foul odors from your dog, this may be due to common skin problems that are common among dogs.

Skin problems appear in dogs in hot seasons and sometimes spread throughout the year. Skin diseases such as parasites and bacteria may cause a lot of bad smell that emanates from your dog.

2 - ear diseases in dogs may cause unpleasant odors
Most ear infections that occur to the dog cause unpleasant odors that may emanate from the dog and are centered around the area of ​​the ears.

When the ear of the dog is infected, it may also cause some sensitivity in the skin, causing the odors of undesirable dogs.

But sometimes the rare occurrence of dog odor may be due to ear canal cancer, which spreads in some dog species.

If you notice any injuries or complaints to your dog from the ears, go immediately to the nearest veterinarian.

3 - abdominal gases in dogs
Some dogs are allergic to certain foods or dry food ingredients and may therefore emit gases that cause a lot of bad smell.

So if you notice some unpleasant odors from gas in dogs, change your diet routine and consult your veterinarian about it.

Some types of bad food can cause this problem.

It also sometimes occurs as a result of gastric bowel disease.

4 - Dental problems and bad breath in the dog
Dog odors that are emitted from the mouth and during dog respiration indicate the presence of problems in the teeth and gums of the dog.

Problems with dental caries and gum infections are responsible for the smell of the same nasty and annoying dogs.

But this may be the easiest cause, sometimes some tumors inside the gum may also cause this odor.
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