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These things afraid of cats .. Avoid them?

Many people have been raising cats in their homes and for every novice or even non-beginner jam there are things to note and keep in mind. Surely you may become desperate and sad because your cat has some diseases due to weather changes. But you can prevent the occurrence of these diseases and by following simple steps to protect cats from these diseases. Discover facts about cats

1. Stress
Believe it or not cats get as stressed as cats. The symptoms of this disease appear in anxiety and try to hide away from the eye, so you will not find it very much in front of only the time of eating or eliminate the need as well as signs of stress shaking the head and pulling hair and the creation of cat meow. Symptoms of stress in cats are quite similar to humans. There are common symptoms of stress such as movement around the house. In order to prevent cats from being concerned by introducing a slow change in the cat's life, such as playing or offering a comfortable bed, it is important not to allow the male or female to mingle at the time of mating. What is the risk of raising cats?

2- Worms
The best way to get rid of worms is to prevent the occurrence of infection and the symptoms of worms are the loss of appetite and the incidence of indigestion and frustration and pus in the vagina and also you can notice in the feces of cats some of the worms Animation. You should be very careful of these questions and to avoid the infection of cats worms clean garbage cans that may play the cat and left some time in the sun until well cleared and killed any growth of parasites. And cleaning the cat food dish as well as a dish to eliminate the need or place of sand and try to keep cats from mixing with other infectious animals that can transmit the disease. You can use special worms to prevent worms every 3 months. This will be better

3- Cat Flu
It seems silly but cats can get the flu. It differs from human influenza. It uses a general term used to describe a disease caused by a virus of cats that are Fcy and Fyr. It causes difficulty breathing, irritation in the respiratory tract of cats, tiredness, tired eyes, nasal congestion and loss of appetite. You will find cats sneezing a lot like humans. You can protect cats from this disease. It is worth noting that cats' medicines to treat the flu itself are human medicines. You can give your medicine a good effect. Beware of the adaptations and fans, although they do not get cold, but it is one of the causes of severe to make the cat has flu

4- Hair pellets
One of the common problems among different types of cats is the problem of hair pellets. Cats are clean creatures that spend most of their time in self and collective cleaning. This usually results in the ingestion of amounts of hair. As the hair is indigestible, the accumulation of amounts in the bowel may cause the blockage, The cats in the wild treated this problem by swallowing weeds, some of which act as a natural repellent for hair pellets. For domestic cats, it may be necessary to give them a dose of paraffin liquid at a rate of one teaspoon N daily for three days.

5 - Cumulate hair
Another problem associated with hair, especially in the types of cats whose hair falls like cats Cherzai .. If you do not comb her hair daily to remove the accumulated hair falling, you will find with the waist that it consists of large hair thickening difficult to lay off and difficult to clean the cat which can make it fertile environment for blisters Or inflammation in the skin of the cat and itching and also a place to hide fleas and therefore be careful and work on combing the cat daily brushing, and if one day these cuts can be cut scissors but very carefully so as not to injure the cat and if you are not expert on this matter, Doctor to get rid of these Easily adaptable.