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Remove the fleas from the cat with this shampoo

A popular tool to remove fleas from cats is your shampoo. They are very easy to use and you can purchase them at any pet store. Use this very simple tool - while bathing the animal. In addition, the shampoos of the fleas are very effective, they kill all the parasites on the animal. The only thing to note is that if you buy shampoos from fleas, be sure to check if they are for cats, and if not, there are no contraindications for use in cats.

What are dangerous fleas?
Cat fleas are insect-free insects that feed on blood, and because of the specific shape of oral organs, the animal's skin can easily bite. These parasites are ideally adapted to move between body hair (flat, flat on both sides). Also, it is easily porous in wool through the hills of the setae and thorns that the insect body is covered with. In addition, the posterior legs of the parasite (all six of them) were developed much better than the rest, allowing the blade to be a large and high jump.

Fleas can live without food for about a year and a half. When they hit the cat, they immediately begin to eat: fleas pierce their skin with their mouths and begin to drink blood. At the same time, the flea's belly can stretch vigorously, so this parasite, regardless of its size, drinks a lot of blood. The vaccination on cat fleas multiplies very quickly - females lay up to 400 oval eggs daily, and portions of 4-8 pieces a day. Since eggs are not tied to cat's wool, it falls wherever it falls: on the couch, floor, carpet, etc.

In 12 days, the fleas mature in the depleted larvae, but cannot get out of the cocoon for more than a month if there is no close cat. If the flea feels the presence of an animal, it licks immediately from the cocoon. After that, sooner or later the cat will be infected, where it will mature for another 19-30 days. After this period, if a female - flea will begin laying eggs, if for males - to fertilize fleas. Because of the rapid breeding cycle in just a week or two, cats can snoop on 200 fleas per cat.

Flea-infected cats suffer from periodic itching in the skin (flea, when the animal's skin is produced, allowing the wound to absorb saliva, causing allergies). In addition, cats scratch their skin in the wound area, leading to scratches and dermatitis, as well as hair loss. In cats, flea infection is more painful: because of the development of anemia, they lose weight quickly, and if there are many fleas, the cat may die at all.

Fleas in the cat: Methods of conclusion
Immediately after fleas are discovered in cats, it is necessary to start fighting with them. Removal of fleas is not a simple task, because so far no drugs or agents can kill these parasites at all stages of their development. Therefore, when fleas are removed from a cat, it is necessary to treat antipsychotics not only the cat itself, but also home and even the garden. There are a lot of these tools, but not all of them are safe for your cat, because that same anger licks. Be sure to read the drug usage guidelines on the label.

It is also not necessary to mix different means without prior consultation with the veterinarian, or if the classification of each drug does not indicate the safety of such a combination. For example, bathing in insecticides and anti-lock covers separately from each other are safe cat ways to remove fleas, but they cannot be used together. Sometimes cats may have allergic reactions to substances that contain drugs. If you notice any negative feedback in the animal, immediately purchase a cat and show your veterinarian.

Tablets of fleas in a cat
The latest popular choice to treat cats from fleas is the pill. The advantage of this treatment is the inability to cat mucus drugs, because the disks "behave from the middle". Simple principle: active substances fall into the blood of a cat, fleas bite cat, drink blood, poison and death. Pills of fleas can be combined with the other methods listed above, then the fleas will be efficiently removed.

How to get rid of fleas at home?
Before you begin to conduct the destruction of apartments in the apartment, it is necessary to identify places that need to be treated very carefully. Once you've managed to bring the fleas to the cat, you should get rid of them in the apartment, because if you do not do it - just wait until the treatment of the fleas will stop working and then gargle back on your pet. Remember that - the most convenient place for a flea is: bed, rug, baseboards, cracks, soft toys as well as places where the cat spends most of the time. In these specific places, fleas should be removed quickly.