There are many animals on the planet, while we will shoot pictures of different types of rare animals in the world, while not all of these animals in this list are necessarily considered to belong to the list of "endangered animals", it is difficult to find these animals to pick Photos in the wild. In fact, some of these animals I think extinct so that some photographers can take these images that we will put to you as a group of the rarest animals on earth.

Black, tigers and bears ... Unlike those three animals who can be found all over the world, we will list you to the rarer animals in the world.

Owl prostitution
Called the Night Burgundy, it has a combination of qualities, which makes it unique. It is a beautiful green color, a large gray beak, short legs, large feet, cannot fly, numbers are decreasing steadily, and native New Zealand.

The Bubble Fish
The bubble fish live at a depth of 600 to 2,000 meters, so humans can rarely see them. The pressure increases tens of times at sea level, making the gas cysts in the fish's body ineffective floating on the surface of the water.

Water monster
He lives in Mexico and has amazing abilities and advantages. The limbs of this marine organism regenerate after cutting, and if he is injured, the hemorrhage stops in seconds. Scientists seek to take advantage of these advantages in human medicine and is not unique to this animal characteristic of renewal only, such as starfish and sea cucumber, and is a rare animal and then sold in shops and markets at a high price.

Lazy are a class of animals that follow the rank of mammals from a range. They usually live on trees where they are spun on their branches inverted by their strong claws. They also prey on insects and plants; they swim well they are very bald on the ground, but defend themselves with their sharp, When exposed to any aggression, his native Central America.
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