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Important information about dogs

Dogs are the favorite pets around the world. It is estimated that there are more than 525 million dogs on the ground today. Here are some facts about our beloved friends.

14,000 years
Historians differ about when and where humans began to domesticate dogs for the first time. The first dogs are believed to be self-absorbed wolves and were first attracted to the first sites of human settlements.

The remains of people who were buried with their dogs were also discovered in Germany. Estimates are estimated to be at least 14,000 years. Early dog ​​remains were found in China between 5800 and 7000 BC, so there is a site for the burial of dogs in Utah where it is estimated to date back to 11,000 years.

The first identifiable dog species date back to about 9000 BC. It may have been the type of Greyhound used in hunting.

Information not previously known about dogs
·       Did you know that the dog feels the arrival of earthquakes and storms before they occur ..!
·       Did you know that any possible dog exposed to sunburn like us ..!
·       Did you know that the dog regulates his sleep if he has a work or activity and sleeps the rest of the time ..
·       Did you know that chocolate is harmful and poisonous to the dog, even if a small piece is possible to cause death.
·       Did you know that it is not desirable to give milk to the adult dog .. except in the case of pregnant female, for example ..
·       Did you know that the bones of birds or chickens are harmful to the dog and can lead to the wound or chopping of stomach and intestines or to death!
·       Because the dog is breaking the bone and is very likely to break at sharp angles and hurt when swallowing it must "remove the bone first.
·       Did you know that the dog is not blind colors as it is said .. But the colors do not see clearly as we see,
·       But the time is like the colors found in the twilight, such as yellow and yellow green.
·       Did you know that the scalp and hair dog .. Heat in the cold .. and help to cool it in the heat.
·       Did you know that the dog cooled his body out of his tongue (gasps) .. because it does not sweat like us.
·       The sweat glands are in the soles of his feet!
·       Did you know that the number of dog teeth 24.
·       Did you know that the sense of smell of the dog is a million times stronger than the sense of smell of man!
·       Did you know that the normal heartbeat of a dog is 70-120 times the minute.
·       While they are 70 - 80 beats per minute for humans.
·       The larger the size of the animal the lower the pulse rate, for example: heartbeat of the elephant (25 - 40).
·       While the number of heart beats (300-600) times in a minute!
·       Did you know that the dog's speed rate (19) miles per hour.