Vaginitis in the dog is inflammation of the vaginal mucosa caused by the introduction of a pathogenic infectious agent. Often cause pathology and disease-causing microorganisms that form part of the natural bacteria of the genitals. The increase in the number of disease-causing microorganisms and their transmission to pathogens occurs on the back of a decrease in the body's defenses.

Causes of Pathology
In addition to the imbalance of microorganisms resulting from reduced immunity (read how to improve immunity in dogs), the following factors can cause vaginitis in dogs:
·       Hormonal imbalance.
·       Violation of metabolic processes.
·       Previous infectious diseases.
·       Vaginal infections during mating or puppy.
·       Infection with STIs.
·       Pots of chronic infection in the body.
·       Violation of conditions of detention and nutrition.
·       Use of aggressive drugs.
·       Stress.

Symptoms of vaginitis in the dog
The inflammatory process continues with swelling and redness of the mucosa. Sometimes inflammation is accompanied by fever, general weakness and loss of appetite in the dog. These symptoms are usually caused by an adherent secondary infection or progressive infection involving the internal organs of the reproductive system and urinary system.

Treatment of vaginitis in dogs
Self-treatment or attempts to treat dog diseases cannot be accepted by popular methods, because progressive vaginitis can lead to infertility, infection with other members of the reproductive system and, in severe cases, death of a pet. In the first signs of the disease, you should contact your veterinarian, because the sooner you start treatment, the more successful the result.

Best treatment for serotonin or hemorrhagic vaginitis. In this case, pathological therapy can dispense with the use of antibiotics. It is recommended to wash with weak solutions of disinfectant - Miramistin, Furacilin, pink potassium permanganate solution, 0.9% sodium chloride solution.

For local treatment using an ointment. Using a sterile spatula or spoon, ointments are applied to inflamed mucous rings: Oxycort, Sintomycin, Streptocid, Prednisolone. In the complex treatment of vaginitis, treatment with medicinal herbs is permitted - roots such as Kalamus, cactus juice, renica flower, tar solution, etc.

Acute forms of acute vaginitis should be treated only after smear analysis to establish infectious pathogens. In the case of laryngeal vaginitis, antibiotics are prescribed from the appropriate category. When attaching a secondary infection or a combination of several types of pathogens, antibiotics are described as broad-spectrum antimicrobial drugs.

Disease prevention
To maintain body defenses after treatment and prevent recurrence, it is recommended that:
·       Compliance with hygiene and hygiene rules for pets.
·       To give balanced and rich in vitamins and trace nutrients.
·       Time of vaccination.
·       Only mating with healthy males and having female physiological maturation.
·       Sterilize the infection foci in a timely manner in the body.
·       Vaginitis can be a long treatment, but if recommendations and preventive measures are followed, the disease can be treated in full.
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