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How to make your cat grow faster than usual?

Have you noticed your cat's hair loss on many occasions?
·       I certainly noticed the spread of cat's hair on black clothes and sometimes on furniture.
·       You may find some bristles in your food. And even if you beat on your cat you find some of his hair on your hands.
·       You should know that cats fall naturally on different occasions but of course not in large quantities.
·       Cats are just like us humans. Cats hair may fall naturally and normally as a result of weakness of hairs or increased length.
·       In some cases, however, hair loss in cats may have other causes or causes that we will explain in detail in the following article.

Why did my hair fall?
Hair loss in cats often increases to levels that predict some diseases in cats that have symptoms of hair loss.
The disease of alopecia in cats or the flora, as well as the infection of cats with worms may cause the fall of your cat hair profusely.
Some fungi also cause hair loss and the appearance of some red spots in the place of hair falling.
These cases are considered to be satisfactory in cats and need to be consulted by a veterinarian for immediate treatment.
It also requires some care in dealing with the cat because the fungal infection may be transmitted from cats to humans. Although these infections are easy to treat, but always remember that prevention is better than treatment.

One of the causes of hair loss is the psychological factors and depression or change the pattern of food as well as sensitivity to some types of food.

Fleas and bronchitis may cause severe itching. This itching may cause hair loss due to the frequent cleaning of the cat itself and the frequent scratching of its skin and fur.

Keep cats in the dark for as long as possible
Some recent studies have shown that the rays that come out of the television, as well as the radiation from the computer screens, the smartphone and the laptop may cause hair loss of cats.

When sleeping your cat make sure the room is dark and do not allow the cat to sleep near any electrical equipment as much as possible.

Sleeping in completely dark places free of any electronic equipment provides protection for your cat's fur.

Some studies confirm that sleep for 10 hours a day in the dark is very useful for cats suffering from hair loss and may help you a lot in the treatment of hair loss of cats

Foods rich in melatonin to help treat hair loss
Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland, which is responsible for maintaining the health of cats feces and not falling
Melatonin deficiency may cause hair loss in cats and dogs alike.
So be sure to provide foods rich in melatonin in cat food to help provide cats with this important hormone.
Foods such as oatmeal, brown rice are very rich in melatonin and some cat-like meals can be served and very little oatmeal or brown rice is added to your cat's food to help strengthen her hair.