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How do you combine the presence of cats and dogs in your home safely?

Have you ever wondered if dogs and cats can live together safely under one roof? Do you have a dog but still want to breed cats? If this is the case this article is for you.

While the current myths and films state that there is a constant war between cats and dogs, it is very possible that the two live under one roof. Not only is this possible but it is also common to generate an association between them!

As we all know the change in the beginning is always so difficult for the pet, but with some help and effort it can easily adapt. It is not easy to accept a cat dog or vice versa, but with some steps and preparation everything is possible. It is better for both types to be at an early age when we introduce them or know them. If this is not possible, we recommend that at least one of them is young. If both were older, it would certainly be more difficult, especially since they had not socialized with each other since childhood.

There are some basic steps to get a truce or familiarity between the two groups of pets

1. Good preparation before the first meeting
Good preparation is needed before the first encounter between the two species. First, make sure that there is enough room in the house for each. Before meeting them, it is preferable that each of them return to the smell of the other. Bring an old cloth or cloth and rub it on the body of one of them, then rub the same towel to the other, rub it and make it smell and play with it to get used to the smell of the other. Then he returned with the same towel to the first to play with and smell the smell of his new friend.

2. Start with small steps
As in humans, animals do not like imposed relationships. You can start dating them on neutral ground and from a distance, so they feel comfortable and confident in getting closer to each other gradually

3. Watch the dog well
Before you adopt a cat, you must make sure your dog is trained in basic obedience training and you can control it. If you are excited or excited during your cat's first interview, you should control him so that he does not hurt him.

4 - Prepare a place dedicated to the dog and train your dog not to enter
You have to prepare a place for the cat with his bed and water and eat and play, and prevent your dog from entering this place so that your cat feels safe.

5- Cut the cat's nails
Cat claws can cause injuries to your dog, especially if they are not in harmony. Cut your nails regularly.

6 - Separate them from some when needed
If you have to leave the house for a few hours and are still unsure of their presence without supervision, separate them during your absence until you reach the confidence level that they are able to deal with each other. Do not forget to provide both water and food during your absence.

 7. Try to be fair between them
Spread your love and interest between them equally. Many quarrels stem from jealousy even in animals and this generates undesirable negative reactions. Do not forget to walk your dog every day.

8. Try not to show preference for one another. Sometimes, quarrels are caused by jealousy. If the dog notices that you are giving the cat more attention, its response may be negative.

9. It is best to introduce animals to each other at a young age because small animals adapt easily to the idea of ​​living with another kind of animal. However, small dogs have great power, strong and love to play, which may harm the occasional small cat.