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look : 20 kinds of dogs their names and their pictures & Stainless Steel Dog Tag FREE

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1- Keene Corso

This dog is one of the most famous types of dogs, and its main function is to carry out the guard, thanks to its strength and ferocity, but in order to raise that dog, you must use a strong and professional trainer, so that the training process succeeds.

2- The Dalmatian Dog

The Dalmatian dog is a hunting dog; it has been used for this purpose for some time, thanks to its speed and ferocity. It is of Indian origin. The Dalmatian dog weighs about 70 pounds, while its height is between twenty and twenty-four inches. In those periods in the European countries, they raise them in their homes as a kind of ornamental, and it is worth mentioning that despite the ferocity of that kind, it becomes very nice and quiet when you are in the process of being courted. And becomes obedient to the owner.

3- Saint Bernard
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This type of dog is characterized by its huge size short, weighing about 55 kg, while the length of up to sixty-five centimeters in the female, and seventy centimeters in the male, and St. Bernard's dog has a strong teeth and very sharp, and yet it is nice and friendly , And he does not like to hurt anyone, but if he feels that the person who obeys him does not have loyalty, then he shows all his cruelty, and he breaks the person without any mercy.

4- Great Dan

This is one of the most entertaining dogs, which can be played with for hours without feeling bored, and can walk long distances, although many may fear the Great Dan dog, being too large, and in any case if you choose to breed it At home, you have to show great interest in him; he is very rebellious if he does not feel the interest of his owner.
5- The Argentine Dojo
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This is one of the strongest dogs, the most dangerous to human life, and this is what prompted some countries, such as the United States of America warned of the sale and purchase completely, and the use of that dog for hunting and hunting pigs.
6- German shepherd

The dog is of German origin and has a very strong sense of smell, as well as sharp intelligence, so it is used by the police to assist them in the detection of criminals and drugs. The German shepherd is very loyal and loyal to man
7- Chao Chao dog
Image result for Chao Chao dog
This type of dog is fairly small in size, weighs between forty and sixty-five pounds and is 22 inches long. The Chow dog has a very thick and soft fur, so it is usually likened to a bear. This dog is very nice and nice if He has been treated well; he likes to play and fondle by his owner, but if treated brutally and cruel, turns into an aggressive heart and very fierce, so breeding this dog needs special attention and care, as well as patience and great wisdom.
8- A Chihuahua dog

This type of dog is characterized by its weight is very light, and has a body of medium length, and has ears long, and the Chihuahua is of Spanish origin, always advised to choose that type in the desire to have a dog at home, being very peaceful, On the members of the house.
9- Pomeranian dogs
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This type of dog is the most active species, as it adores the great movement and complete freedom, you find it throughout the day in the case of moving from place to place, but some of the kind that many bark, causing discomfort to the owner.
10- Dog Tzu Chihuahua

This dog has a very beautiful shape. It has very fine hair, wide round eyes, and has a special luster. The hair of the Chih Tzu is very fast growing, so it needs great attention from its owner.
11- Rottweiler dog

This type of dog is very cruel and strong, thanks to its very physical structure. The function of this type is to carry out the guard operation for its owner, as well as to protect all members of his family and his possessions. In order to breed this type of dog in the house it has to be controlled and controlled since Small, being sharp-tempered, and very aggressive whether someone disturbed him and harassed him.
12- Beatball
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The petpole is a hybrid dog, meaning that it is the result of a process of mating of different breeds. One of the most striking features of this type is the enormous physical and physical strength. It is very fierce, so there is no kind of dog that can stand up to it. Educating him poses a great danger to human life.

13- Belgian Griffon 

The Belgian Griffon, the Griffon of Brussels and the Petit Brabançon are three fundamentally the same as types of sidekick hounds. These three breeds share a comparable history and originate from a similar spot, the European city of Brussels, in Belgium. We could state that there are three breeds in one, since they just contrast by their shading and sort of hair. Indeed, while the International Cynological Federation (FCI) believes these canines to be three separate breeds, different associations, for example, the Kennel Club Americano and the English Kennel Club perceive these three assortments as a solitary breed called Brussels Griffon.

15 - Mexican Hairless Dog (Xoloitzcuintle) 
نتيجة صورة المكسيكي بلا شعر الكلب
The Xoloitzcuinti hound, otherwise called the Mexican bald canine or Xolo, is initially from Mexico. In Mexico, the Xolo is exceptionally esteemed and even considered fairly a living archeological gem, since this canine breed was a sidekick of the Aztecs over 7,000 years prior. This canine is additionally known around the world .

16 - Italian Greyhound 
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The Italian greyhound is the littlest all things considered, and one of the most established partner hounds. Albeit once in a while utilized for chasing little creatures, its primary use was consistently as a buddy hound. It was likewise utilized (is as yet utilized) in pooch races, yet never as much as its more seasoned relative, the greyhound.

17 - Irish Setter
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The Irish red setter, additionally referred to just as an Irish setter, is viewed as one of the most excellent and stylish pooches. This is fundamentally because of its thin figure and its satiny ruddy hide. Albeit initially a chasing hound, its evident magnificence has picked up it prevalence among pooch shows and canine fans. 

18 - Unpleasant Collie 
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A Rough Collie, likewise know as the since quite a while ago haired Collie, is a very notable shepherd hound. Because of its excellence and great character, this canine has turned out to be one of the most refreshing breeds among show pooches and pets. It is additionally referred to in basic as a Collie 

19 - Bichon Frise 
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The Bichon Frise, otherwise called wavy haired bichon, is a little white pooch: with long and corkscrew-wavy hair. This breed is amazingly mainstream for its: bright, good humored and energetic character. It is otherwise called probably the littlest canine on the planet. Would you like to embrace this adorable little puppy?

20 - Cardigan Welsh corgi 
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The Cardigan welsh corgi is a little pooch that used to be utilized to help shepherds in Whales. This breed is a nearby in respect to the Pembroke welsh corgi. This breed is faithful to its family. They are keen and simple to prepare .

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